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3-4-24 Updates



"Close Date" Automation for Deals & Tickets

When a user moves a deal or ticket record to a closed pipeline stage, the record's "close date" will automatically set to today's date. This helps save users time from having to manually set the date. Flexibility is important, so admins can turn off this feature where it might not make sense (i.e. if your pipeline has many closed stages, you might not want the "close date" automatically updated).

If you wish to disable this feature for a pipeline, navigate to "Pipeline Settings" for either the deal or ticket object, select the relevant pipeline, and toggle off the automation feature in the "Templated Automations" tab. If this feature is serving you across all your pipelines, no action is required.

For more information, visit the Knowledge Base for Deal Stage Automation, and Ticket Status Automation.

Close Date Automation for Deals and Tickets

All-New Help Desk Workspace

The new help desk consolidates tickets and conversations in a centralized workspace, allowing your support team to intake, triage, troubleshoot, and resolve customer requests much more efficiently. With omnichannel messaging, a 360-degree customer view powered by the CRM, and a growing list of AI-backed features, help desk contains all the tools your team needs to provide world-class service, at scale.

  • Navigate to Service > Help Desk.
  • To find help desk settings, navigate to Settings > Tools > Inbox & Help Desk > Help Desk.

Please Note: Users must be a Super Admin or have a Service Seat in order to access and use help desk.

All-New Help Desk Workspace

Improved Import Validation Checks

HubSpot will now scan the first 1,000 rows of your import files for potential errors. This will help ensure that you're able to resolve errors in your data before writing it to the CRM. It also means that features like the new invalid enum remapping tool are even more powerful, as HubSpot checks for misspelled enumeration options across more rows of your file.

There's also a small visual update with this expansion of preview validation. Instead of surfacing multiple notifications that overlayed the screen and had to be exited out of, there is now a dedicated space below the mapping guide that shows you when HubSpot is scanning your file for errors, how many errors were found, and how many rows were scanned. 
Validation Now Checks the First 1000 Rows of your Import

New Lead Object Owner Property & Improved Prospecting Workspace

Two exciting, highly requested leads features are now live!
  • Improvements to lead record ownership that allow users to use lead owner as a discrete property value separate from the associated contact and company owner
  • Enhanced lead visibility for admins and super admins, as well as bulk action capabilities

With this release, users have the ability to use lead owner as a discrete property by disabling 'lead owner inherit' in lead settings, ensuring that the process you build in Sales Hub accurately reflects how your business operates.

In addition to improvements to lead ownership, new lead visibility capabilities will ensure that sales managers and leaders are able to easily see every lead in Sales Hub, and perform bulk actions like assignments and deletions.

New lead object owner property

Export Duplicates to CSV and Excel

This new exportability function allows more flexibility and customization for customers to maximize the value from the CRM's duplicate identification capabilities and provides the ability for customers to thoroughly investigate duplicates, connect them back to source systems, and route to different downstream workflows.

To export duplicates:

  • Navigate to Reporting > Data Management > Data Quality
  • Click "View all" next to Duplicate issues on the Records card
  • Click Export duplicates in the top right
  • Select a file format and click Export

AI Forcasting

HubSpot's new AI-powered forecast uses in-month sales data to project future sales, getting your team closer to a spot-on forecast. Find the AI forecast projection range in the new Analyze tab of the Forecast tool.

HubSpot's AI-based forecasting model uses the first 7 days of closed won deal data for a portal in a given month to provide sales projections for the end of the current month. These projections are then recalculated every seven days to give teams the most up-to-date projections.  Since the AI forecast needs at least 7 days of sales data, there won't be any information to display for the first 7 days of every month. Learn more on the Knowledge Base.

Please Note: Customers must have at least two months of deal data and meet an average AI accuracy threshold of 70% over two months to access the tool.

AI Forecasting


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