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Improved UX for Personalization Tokens

Owner-type personalization tokens now show which owner sub-property was selected. Previously, when using nested owner personalization tokens, there was no distinction between which owner property was selected, we only showed a placeholder for the parent owner type.

For example, if a user inserts a contact owner > first name token, the token placeholder shows "Contact owner". With this change, the placeholder tokens will now show the parent owner property label and the nested sub-property label when appropriate ("Contact owner > First name").

Improved Ux for Owner Personalization Tokens

Drag and Drop Version of the Collaboration Sidebar

The collaboration/commenting sidebar enables marketers to quickly access a handful of useful collaboration and productivity tools across HubSpot.

The original design took up a large amount of vertical space on the right hand side of the screen and could not be adjusted. This upgrade includes a smaller, movable version of the commenting sidebar that can be placed in the ideal location by a user.

Improved Collaboration Sidebar

Contact Lifecycle Stage Properties

You will now have access to four (4) new HubSpot-defined Contact properties to track the progression of a Contact as it moves through lifecycle stages:
  1. Date entered {stage id}
  2. Date exited {stage id}
  3. Latest time in {stage id}
  4. Cumulative time in {stage id}

This allows for more robust Lifecycle reporting, which is critical in setting up Lifecycle Stage automations. 

Contact Lifecycle Stage Properties

Create Formula Fields in the Custom Report Builder

Create row-level calculations using your existing data in your HubSpot account. Use formula fields to create reports on revenue generated minus any discounts, profit margin calculated into amount totals, or projections on future growth by adding in conversion rates.

Formula fields perform row-level math on your data table, which means the calculation is performed on a row-by-row basis. This is different to aggregate math, which is performed on the column level.

Formula Fields in Custom Report Builder

Approvals in Activity Collaboration Sidebar

To streamline coordination between marketing email designers and other users in your HubSpot account, you can turn on email approval requests, which will automatically notify stakeholders and prompt them to review the email before it can be sent.

Once turned on, approval will be required for all users except super admins in your HubSpot account. Super admins can still optionally request approval from other users in your account.

Email Approvals Sidebar



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